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CHOMORANMA SOUND 【 BACK TO THE BASIC vol.1 -Old Dancehall Mix- 】


CHOMORANMA SOUND 【 BACK TO THE BASIC vol.1 -Old Dancehall Mix- 】

    大人気シリーズ【BACK TO THE BASIC】の記念すべき第1弾!!


    第1作目は・・“ OLD DANCEHALL ” !!

    Reggae DancehallのRootsを感じれる全61曲。

  • 1.Instrumental
    2.Missing You / Leroy Gibbons
    3.Hold Me / Pinchers
    4.Bandelero / Pinchers
    5.I'm A Don / Pinchers
    6.PermitFiGun / SuperCat
    7.Devil Send You Come / little Twitch
    8.Must Haffi Get / Horace Andy
    9.Be Mine Tonight / Admiral Tibett
    10.Ain't Too Proud To Beg / Al Campbell
    11.Modern Girl / Cortny Melody
    13.Sara / Frankie Paul
    14.Bits And Pieces / Gregory Isaacs
    15.Why Are You Going Away / Leroy Gibbons
    16.Loving That You Want / Pinchers
    17.Tears / Chuck Turner
    18.I Want To Rock / Frankie Paul
    19.Gal Yuh Body Good / Admiral Baily 
    20.A Gal Just Wacth You / Alton Black&Blacka Ranks
    21.Who She Love / Cocoa Tea,HomeT&Shabba Ranks
    22.Boombastic / Tiger
    23.Bull's Eye / Brian&Tony Gold
    24.Greatest Gal Lover / Anthony Malvo&Daddy Lizard
    25.Bye Bye Love / Trevor Sparks
    26.Don't Throw It All Away / Home T
    27.Get Up Stand Up And Rock / Shabba Ranks
    28.Old Time Something / Admiral Bailey
    29.Nah Lef Ya / Josey Wales
    30.Fresh Shabba Ranks
    31.Four Seasons Sound/Leroy Gibbons
    32.Here I Come/Pinchers
    33.On The Right Track/Johnny Osbourne
    34.Come Again/Cocoa Tea
    35.I Need You/Chuck Turner
    36.Champion Bubbler/Pinchers
    37.Cupid/Leroy Gibbons
    38.Magic Moment/Leroy Gibbons
    39.Cassanova/Frankie Paul
    40.Jump Up/Admiral Bailey
    41.Great Ambition/LT.Stitchie
    42.Bam Bam/Tiger
    43.Respect Due/Little Twitch
    44.Champion Sound/Colin Roach
    45.Rock It Tonight/Johnny Osbourne
    46.Ah Murder/Pat Anthony
    47.Crying Time/Cocoa Tea
    48.Medley 5/Cocoa Tea
    49.For Your Eyes Only/Pinchers
    50.Lovers Question/Leroy Gibbons
    51.Horse Tonic/Admiral Bailey
    52.None Of That/Turro T
    53.Deh Wid You/Super Black
    54.Live Blanket/Shabba Ranks
    55.Think Mi Did Done/Admiral Bailey
    56.Natty Dread/LT.Stitchie
    57.Budy Bye/Johnny Osbourne
    58.Under Mi Slengteng/Wayne Smith
    59.Pumpkin Belly/Tenor Saw
    60.Call The Police/John Wayne
    61.Trash And Ready/Super Cat 

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